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Healing comes by finding outlets and tools of empowerment, must develop their confidence. Then they can help empower others. Virgo Chiron: Associated with pushing oneself too hard, nervous energy, anxiety, harsh self-criticism, easily used by others. Healing comes from self-acceptance, helping others on their own terms, and by learning tolerance.

Has the ability to serve others in a meaningful way and shows others balance between judgment and tolerance. Libra Chiron: Wound is centered on self love and loving others. Gives into self-hate, losing identity, selfishness, jealousy, insecurity. Is prone to giving in, being manipulated, and abused for the sake of a relationship or approval from another.

Healing comes through self-love, putting their needs first, learning what others need.

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Teaches others how to love. Scorpio Chiron: Has a huge association with trauma-driven wounds. Their dark side takes over subconsciously. Fear of the world and themselves. Associated with sexual abuse. Has a connection with past life trauma. Associated with family spread or community trauma. Healing comes from accepting the past and facing their dark side. Helps others to face their inner darkness and trauma. Could help a community overcome their darkness. Sagittarius Chiron: Wound is in their belief system and mind.

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Might be discouraged or suppressed by a belief system. Loses their morals. Could be closed-minded, associated with corrupt morals, might have hatred towards a belief system. Healing comes from learning a new perspective. By exploring their own and others beliefs. Capricorn Chiron: Wound has to do with authority and quiet suffering.

Struggles with authority figures, finds it hard to gain their own authority. Might be apathetic or cold to others but more cold to themselves, too much control in their life, struggles with power.

Shows others how to take charge of their destiny, shows a different way to sympathize with others. Aquarius Chiron: Wound is based on not being accepted into society. Easily feels outcasted, rejected, alienated, maybe even a scapegoat. Healing comes by accepting their individualism, learns to feed their needs first before society.

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Helps others essentially say forget society. Pushes individualism. Pisces Chiron: Wound is spiritual. Heals by integrating their beliefs into their daily life. Helps others to accept and learn their own divine system. Very family-oriented, values their home, their roots and their identity is based on what they were taught as a child, what they were exposed to as a child. Very strong emotional attachment to their home, their family.

Probably have a very close bond to their mother.

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Probably a good listener, good at comforting people with words. Probably the type to introduce their partner to their family early on in the relationship. Their childhood was filled with a lot of activity, sports. They need to have an emotional connection, feel comfort in order to sleep with someone or have a sexual relationship. Breasts can be a turn on for them. They might have had a hard time, more work than play even as a child, financial struggles, loss of a parent. They grow up to be very responsible and seek stability for their home, they are the ones their family relies on.

A very happy, positive childhood. A lot of wisdom was given to them by their parents, they were taught to be generous and joyful. Home, fmaily brings them happiness. Can show a lack of stability in the household, a lot of moving growing up, unexpected events, unusual family structure. Family might not be a priority and if they have one, they might be the one who brings out something different in the family, be the unusual one.

They might not remember a lot of their childhood, it can often feel blurred. Dreams about starting the perfect family, idealising the family values. They were likely very controlled by their parents.

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A lot of pain in their childhood, possible abuse or trauma. There was disharmony in their home. Healing their childhood pain through starting a family on their own.

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It can mean divorce in the family, cheating. The native themselves may have issues with starting a family similarly to their parents. Secrery involving their roots, strange relationships with family members. Upbringing focused on education, learning. Parents were keen on raising them to become intelligent individuals. Ideal marriage partner is someone very family-oriented with values like them.

Someone who provides them with care, possibly reminds them of their mother.

Chiron in Astrology: Gemini or 3rd House- Gemini Brown

Might have focused on their career rather than starting a family, isolating themselves from their family and roots. Could have struggles showing their emotional side, showing that they need to be taken care of. Planets and asteroids here can be a bit tough on the natives. We all have to remember to stay strong and not lose hope. Life is filled with many challenges and we are here to learn and evolve, one day at a time. Remember that every single day is a battle and you are special and valued.

When you have grown into who you are and learn to appreciate the gifts you can bring forth to the world, you can help others. Learn to channel your egotistical side occasionally, because it can work wonders. Use your abilities to heal others and it enhance your skills. Many will go to you because your mind will serve as a beacon, helping individuals in your journey. Your helpful nature will be expressed through this placement, helping others along the way.

Make sure that you and your partner are honest with one another, this way the relationship can flourish in the sunlight instead of the shadows. Cling on to your passions, your hopes and dreams and you will see that there will come a point when you can become a champion for other people that cannot express or use their voice.

Those with Pisces influence or dominance would understand how this can be a haven, an escape into another world and a place where their dreams can unravel. The only issue here would be not to fall too deep into the mystic rivers of the 12 th because it can consume you and your reality will be warped. In your darkest hour you will be able to find a beacon of light and hope that will push you out of the darkness. Make sure to fine tune that ability because it is within you.

This placement smooths the transition from feelings of being in a dark place to finding the power to rise above it all with ease.

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  6. Change is good, change should be welcomed because change helps catapult you to your next stage. If you feel apprehensive or you might be too fixed in your own ways to accept the changes, remember that we live in a dynamic world and we have to evolve with the times. Take time to do some meditating, exercise, writing or reading. Any hobbies will help you get out of the slump. Focus on doing as much as you can and whenever you have doubts or fears, remember that you can get through this because you are powerful enough to endure and weather any storms.

    You will come out stronger than ever.