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A plethora of difficult transits besieged the Queen at this time. The marital discord permeating her family was a major disruption to the Queen and a blow to her image. First, she cut her summer holiday short and flew to London to walk among, and personally console, the bereaved British people. Then, she went on television to offer an official eulogy for Diana after being criticized for not responding quickly enough.

Next, she gave the royal blessing to a state funeral for the Princess. But the most drastic action of all was the voluntary agreement to the taxation of her considerable wealth, an unprecedented action by a monarch. As her Mother reached out to her subjects in WWII, walking the streets during the bombing of London, and her Father, King George VI, conquered his stuttering and battled his deep shyness for the sake of his subjects, so did Elizabeth II reach out to her subjects when they lost their English Rose. Even though they may not always have gotten along, the Queen learned a lot about working the press from her experiences with Diana.

She has grown emotionally in her role as Queen.

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With her Sun in Taurus, she can defeat her enemies with sheer force of will and character, also by leading by example. We could all learn from her example.

She is in the unenviable position of having to set an example as possibly the last Queen. If so, she is determined to live up to her role. Prince William shares her Scorpio Midheaven, and has Jupiter there — he could rescue the monarchy with the abundant good will that flows to him from the British people. There has already been a payoff of positive public opinion for the Queen, which is reflected in the popularity of the movie about her.

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She is not just a survivor. She is a Queen! As the last queen, if she is so, Queen Elizabeth II has the vision and foresight to save the throne. There has been much speculation over the years about whether or not she will abdicate the throne to Charles. In the new millennium, when royalty is considered by many to be an anachronism, Queen Elizabeth II has carried herself with grace and dignity and presented to her subjects a proper monarch of whom they can be proud.

Whatever the future brings, she has dispatched her duty with great dignity, complete commitment and honor. The Power of Love vs. People all over the world look up to the British Royal Family as a symbol of continuity in a world where nothing stays the same for very long. She has guided the monarchy through six generations, in an ever-changing pageant of history from the Cold War to the New Millennium.

May we be blessed with many more years of her continued reign. Yes, she will be a hard act to follow, but she leaves behind three Princes to ensure continuation of the royal line, and carry on the tradition of monarchy. He was the first heir to the throne to earn a university degree. Even though Prince Charles has Leo rising, and must be magnetic in person, he has always been a melancholy figure. Melancholy is a recurring condition among Windsor men, beginning with Prince Albert, who suffered from depression his entire life. Prince Charles has it, too. There are several indications of this in his chart.

First, he has Pluto in Leo in the first house. Plutonians can be overwhelming without intending to be -- it is the nature of Pluto to transform, and people who have Pluto in the first are agents for transformation, unwitting or otherwise. This can be very oppressive for both the Plutonian and the people with whom he or she interacts. Second, Prince Charles has Saturn in Virgo, which brings out some of the more negative Virgoan -- traits like being peevish, prudish and overly-critical.

The Queen outshines Charles, and he will always be in the shadow of her legacy. This is no doubt one of the sources of his melancholy. Finally, his Sun in secretive, stormy Scorpio puts the seal on his gloomy character because it is conjunct Chiron, a sensitive and important planetary influence. All four members of this branch of the Windsor line -- Charles, Diana, William and Henry -- have a rare astrological configuration called a Yod.

A Yod is an acute triangle formed by two planets sextile each other and both degrees away from a third, fulcrum planet. Charles has a Yod, a Stellium and a Grand Trine in his chart.

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The Yod indicates a special purpose in life. But, it is not so simple. With Chiron, the wounded healer at the fulcrum of his Yod, there is a deep, secret Scorpio wound within him that he is hard-pressed to heal and even leaves a residue of resentment.

Since the Moon and Uranus are the two corners of the triangle, the source of resentment could be women, his Mother possibly, and the confining nature of the social obligations against which he chafes Uranus. The Sun widely conjunct the focal point of the Yod, Chiron, pulls in the entire Stellium by reference. The Moon is also conjunct the North Node, a point of destiny, so there is tremendous pressure on Charles to fulfill his destiny.

The problem is that Charles feels he cannot find, or reach, or attain his true purpose in life. It remains hidden from him, shrouded by the Moon, which rules his twelfth house of hidden, secret things, things that you hide from yourself and others , and things that are hidden from you. The Moon is also all the women in his life, from his royal Mother to Diana to Camilla. He will be old before he takes the throne, unless Her Majesty, who is blessed with abundant longevity from both her Mother and Great-Great Grandmother, outlives him. This must be very frustrating for Charles because, even though he was born into a historical role, it is beyond his grasp.


He may feel that he is being cheated out of his destiny by forces that are beyond his control. He is not able to disengage from, or resolve, the forces of the Grand Trine and Yod and they needle at him. What are these forces? Nothing is more powerful than the force of love. Like Diana, Charles has been torn apart by the forces of love. His Chiron in the fifth house of love and romance, and the fulcrum of the Yod, points to the Moon in Taurus conjunct North Node and to Uranus in Gemini on the cusp of the twelfth house.

Charles is split between love for the feminine Moon in Taurus and love for the universal man Uranus in Gemini. There is a fateful North Node quality to his romantic relationships, naturally, because he is a Royal Prince.

A Closer Look at the Natal Chart of Prince George

It is not surprising that Camilla swept him off his feet with her famous come-on about my Great-Grandmother did it with your Great-Great Grandfather, so how about it? He will always be blamed for their divorce, even though it may not be fair to blame him exclusively.

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  4. There is almost a tragic quality to his relationships, especially with regard to his relationship with Diana. With his Pluto in the first, Sun in Scorpio, and Mars conjunct Jupiter, he enjoys power and the privileges his royal status confers, but it appears that he wants it both ways — he wants the power of his royal status, but Uranus wants to break out and live a life free of the social restrictions necessitated by his royal status.

    With Neptune conjunct Venus in Libra on the Nadir, he has no problems with fooling himself and camouflaging his real feelings. It is easy for him to convince himself that pursuit of his personal desires will benefit the common good. His desire for power is thwarted by the Moon conjunct North Node his Mother, his destiny, and the women in his life and opposite Mercury the media and his fourth house Stellium.

    With Mercury-Sun in Scorpio, he sometimes has a cruel tongue and a propensity for saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. With Venus-Neptune on the Nadir, Charles is all too willing to fool himself. He can convince himself he is right even when common sense dictates otherwise. So, Charles sometimes ends up being his own worst enemy. The constant power plays and intrigue must be a considerable and never-ending source of stress to Charles. Will Charles find peace with these issues? Even after Parliament cleared the way for him to marry Camilla by amending the Act of Settlement and the Protestant Succession so that he could marry a divorced Roman Catholic, Charles is still not content.

    He has the power to change himself with Pluto in 1, but instead he chose to change hundreds of years of tradition to suit his personal desire to marry Camilla. We need to have enough consciousness of where our own individual personalities merge into something larger, in order to construct something valid and life-enhancing out of our generational needs and compulsions. We also need to offer our children sufficient wisdom and containment to honour their very different generational dreams. As astrologers, we may relate best to those clients whose outer planets are in harmony with our own; if we have Pluto in Leo, we may relate better to those young people with Pluto in Libra than to those with Pluto in Virgo, and we may find it very hard to sympathise with the energies of the Pluto in Scorpio group, which we may experience as quite threatening.

    Whether we are parents or astrologers - or both - the generation gap will continue to exist, not because age and youth are in inevitable discord, but because the great collective cycles require a different vision at a different time. While we may never personally share the visions of other generation groups, we can at least recognise that they are an essential part of a much greater unfoldment of life.

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