Eaquarius y aquariuss son compatibles

A successful romantic relationship will take time and a lot of difficult compromises.

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Other relationships might be easier, but any relationship between them will depend on each understanding and appreciating the strengths of the other. A Cancer and an Aquarian live in different worlds and each wants something different from life.

Aquarius and Cancer Compatibility

Their worlds are so different that even if they tried, they might not be able to form a close relationship. Cancers live in a world that's up close, personal, and emotional. Their lives are about creating a sense of emotional belonging in place and time. They have an understanding of and feel secure with what's familiar: longtime friends, home, family, culture, and heritage. Their mission in life is to build a home and family and to nurture and care for those they love.

Aquarians live in the world of the intellect. Their lives revolve around unconventionality, intellectual independence, and humanity as a whole. They have an understanding of and live in a more communal world where they can objectively interact with a diverse set of people and ideas. Their mission in life is to improve the world by sharing their vision with others. Aquarians aren't particularly affectionate or romantic. For an Aquarian, love is something of an intellectual exercise. Aquarians need a romantic partner who is strong, self-assured, and independent.

For Cancer, love is a gut instinct and all about emotional intimacy. Cancers need a romantic partner who is loving, attentive, and affectionate enough to make them feel safe and secure in that love. One thing they do share is a high level of determination. When either wants something, they will move heaven and earth to get it. Cancer finds the art of romance to be sexually arousing and needs heartfelt, emotionally intimate sex.

It Is evident that he too would dothe same. There are several Aquarian relatives In my family. Growing up withAquarians, I've learned they are sometimes aloof micky-mouse In outer space ,but do not stay where they are not happy or comfortable. Honesty andopen-mindedness Is a must. Never a dull moment. I am a Cancer woman who Is simply Intoxicated by this very charmingAquarius man. My whole body goes Into an Instant tingling He's very charismatic, who also hasthe biggest sense of humor, with theatrical abilities In singing and artistry.

I'm Michele, who secretly admires Joshua. I'm not sure how much of the Aquarius personality traits I possess,especially being In love, one of my biggest Issues Is that my girlfriend Is somuch of a firm believer In the astrological compatibility between us beingmostly negative In accordance to what the Info provided says Its negative, thatitself becomes an Issue It all corresponds on an Individual level Well, I am a Cancer female and just started to date an Aquarius man.

He makes me laugh and keeps me on my toes.

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So far so good. Wish me luck!! Its nice to know that I am not the only Cancer woman out theirhaving Issues with an Aquarius male! Things started off extremely well andstayed that way for the first 3 years. I can't tell you how much my husband andI complimented one another just because we were opposites. And to the militaryman, I agree Cancers are extremely loyal! I have stuck through threedeployments with my husband! But let me tell ya'll In the end It most likely Isnot going to work out! The Aquarius male Is very Independent and does not knowhow to show affection especially when Cancer women need It the most!

Heactually grows even more distant Instead of trying to understand. He does notunderstand the need for emotional stability. After 6 years of being together,and 3 years of marriage, we are going through a divorce : btw Kudos to thecouple that has been together for 42 years! I really wish thatcould have been us! I'm a Cancer, and I have been with my Aquarius for almost 5 years.

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  7. At the end of the day I can say It Isreally good. My husband comes from a big family, and he Is very Independent,and stubborn. We talk, but sometimes the communication Is NOT there. I am stillhave problems with him wanting to go out. He goes through phases. I think thatall of the responses have some truth.

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    They can be loyal, caring, faithful,honest etc. However, I have found them to be unstable, and yes! I have no doubt that he loves me. Sometimes, I would like more than he givesme. Consistency for me Is Important to me. Well, I have not given up yet. He Is the best guy I can go to for advice or when I'mupset; He doesn't give the affection that us Cancers want, but Aquarians dogive their real opinion and are almost always being real with you.

    It does gethard when he says things that he doesn't think would hurt my feelings, butwe've been through a lot together. The only real problem Is when we can'tunderstand what the other Is trying to say.


    But trustme, It will be worth It. I am a Cancer woman who just me an Aquarian male. I think the keyissue here Is the Aquarians tend to be detached emotionally whereas Cancers arehighly emotional. You can call It Independence vs dependency. I don't think It'sclingy, It Is more constant, romantic and Involved.

    I find In dealing withthis guy only been one month he does not like much communication, and I amone who needs to stay connected In order to build a relationship. I find hebacks away from cute, flirtatious joking. Great conversations In person, greatchemistrybut highly Incompatible with fulfilling the true needs that aCancer must have to be ok In this world. Someone asks about moods of a Cancerwoman. I think we have moods because we want to know something. We want tohear something or be told something.

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    We don't assume things, and If you don'tbring It to us, we sulk. Cancers need fed love and attention--and I truly think Cancers make the best partners because they nurture,they are loyal, and they feel so deeply. I had a fall out with my Aquarius man due to his ex causing troublewho Is an Aries, and I would like to know If It Is the end for us or we arestill going strong, the fall out happened yesterday and I should I handle thesituation?

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    I am a Cancer In a relationship with an Aquarius. We are definitelyextreme opposites. While I do find that we compliment each other very wellbecause we both give each other that which we are not ourselves, there are alsomany moments that I am left feeling like I am doing all the giving.

    Taurus Parent — Aquarius Child

    I brusha lot of that off to being the crab but cannot do that at all times. In thebeginning of our relationship he did run from my deep feeling personality. Heran right Into the arms of another woman. Being the understanding person thatI am I was able to step out of my shoes and Into his and give him anotherchance. I found out after four months that he was still with the girl. Idon't know what It Is about this Aquarius man, but he has my whole heart hurtand all.

    He told me several times that I was just too good to be true. Ihonestly believe that he really felt that and didn't know how to deal with allof my positivist and "taking care" of him. We are finally In a place now where we both know that we cannot go a day without having eachother In our lives and we are committed to making this work.

    Of course theproblem Is now me I want our relationship to moveforward and to rebuild what Is lost but us Cancers hold on to everything. Idon't know how to let go of the hurt even when I feel and see him giving honesteffort to rebuild the trust. I am an Aquarius man. I am In love with her, she Is In love with me to. Im very Independent that when It comes to dropping everything and just walkingout that door It sometimes kills me to leave her with out no last words.