March 19 2020 lunar eclipse vedic astrology

You need to be very careful of your health during this time, avoid oily or fried junk food otherwise you may have to face stomach related problems. Some sad news can make you restless, while unwanted travelling can also trouble you. Coming to the economic front, you may face problems in accumulating wealth. Natives who have taken a loan, may have to pay it back now, which will further weaken your financial aspect. The time will not be too good for working professionals either, as you will have to work even harder in order to achieve desired results.

On the other hand, the effects of this Jupiter transit can make you more inclined towards religious activities. Take help of Yoga and meditation to bring yourself the much-needed inner peace. The married natives born under the sign of Taurus will be right besides their life partner, supporting them in all adverse conditions of life.

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According to Jupiter transit , the transit of planet Jupiter will be taking place in the seventh house of your zodiac sign. Since the planet has lordship over your seventh and tenth house, and the seventh house is known as the Marriage House, also pertains to all kinds of partnerships in life, therefore, this transit period will bring good times for your married life.

You can come up with new ideas to make your spouse happy, and may even plan a vacation with them. Gemini natives who have been struggling with disputes in their conjugal life will leave all problems behind. Additionally, the positive effects of Jupiter will also strengthen your economic front. Hence, this time is good for investments, although it is advised that you discuss all prospects regarding the same, with an experienced and knowledgeable person first.

Coming to Gemini natives in love, there will be a novelty in your love life during which you will get to know several special things about your beloved, which you had no inclination of, earlier. Natives born under the sign of the twins will enjoy savoury cuisines in this duration. There will be a sweetness in your speech and as a result, you will be able to achieve good results in your social life as well. You will unhesitatingly face many adverse situations with your intellect during this time.

Overall, this transit will prove to be rather beneficial for Gemini natives. The Lord of light, Jupiter will be making its transit through the sixth house of Cancer natives as per Jupiter transit As per kalpurush kundli, this house pertains to the zodiac sign Virgo, and signifies diseases, illnesses, job, enemy, legal battles, immune system, separation in marriage and so on.

The presence of Jupiter in this house can create health related problems for Cancer natives. You will need to take special care of your mental health in this time period and you can take the help of pranayam for the same. Coming to working professionals, some of you can face adverse conditions at work due to scheming of your coworkers, hence, you need to be very careful while at your place of work.

It is also mentioned in Jupiter transit that those adhering to partnership in business will need to keep an eye on their partner, especially in money related matters.

On the familial front as well, you will be seen trying hard to perform well, but still, you may not get good results. Some of you can get into an argument with your siblings over your ancestral property. Some Cancer natives can take a loan from the bank in order to alleviate their financial stature. This transit will be especially good for student natives as they perform well in their competitive exams.

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Lord Jupiter will be making its transit through the fifth house in the birth chart of Leo natives. This house, also known as the Progeny House, pertains to your children, creativity, intelligence, knowledge, education, and new opportunities. This transit will prove to be rather favorable for natives born under the sign of the lion.

Socially, you will create new contacts which will help make your professional as well as personal life easier. There will be a feeling of compassion within you during this time, and you will actively participate in altruistic and philanthropic activities. Your parents will be very happy with your behaviour in this time. This time may make you realise that money is not the utmost necessity and real happiness lies in helping others and seeing them happy. Some married natives may welcome a new member in their lives as they get blessed with a baby.


As mentioned above, Jupiter is the significator of knowledge, hence, this transit period will bring an increase in your wisdom. Students natives of this sign whoc are in the fields of Philosophy or Astrology may receive desired results in this duration.

Some of you can even plan on buying a new vehicle or property as well. On the whole, this transit will be quite favorable for Leo natives. This was the prediction for Leo sign from Jupiter transit Jupiter, the significator of philosophy, religion, and knowledge is making its transit in the fourth house of your zodiac sign.

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Brihaspati is the Lord of your fourth as well seventh house as per Jupiter transit The fourth house, or your Sukh Bhava also signifies your maternal side. This transit in your house of happiness can result in you having to face some adverse conditions. On the familial front, you may get into an argument with your parents which will, in turn, affect your marital life as well.

You need to stay calm and act according to the situation with patience.

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You cannot escape the bad times in life by running away from them. Therefore, if you really want to resolve the problems, you need to sit down and communicate with the people that you have a difference of opinions with. You will be more inclined toward spirituality in this duration, and you can also take asylum with a spiritual guru mentor to get rid of your mental problems.

You will need to make attempts to get healthier. Your inactiveness is the root of many of your problems. Natives born under the sign of the maiden, posted in a government job can astonish many with their work. The time will remain normal for students, and if you are facing difficulties in your studies, do not miss out on taking help from your mentors and teachers. Remedy: Donate sugar to a Brahmin and feed some chapatis rotis to a cow.

As per Jupiter transit the lord of light, Jupiter makes its transit in your third house , the time may not be much favorable for Libra natives. Jupiter is the ruling lord of your third and eighth house. This transit will bring an increase in laziness within you, and you will try to postpone all your tasks. Some natives may even have to change their residence, while the possibility of going on unwanted trips is also high for this sign. Those born under the sign of the scales, who are working or own a business will need to increase their pace at work, otherwise there will be many challenges obstructing your path.

You need to understand that for everything, good or bad, happening in your life, you are the main cause behind it. Taking credit for the good times yourself, and blaming others for the bad time is wrong. Therefore, make attempts to improve your persona. Wake up early in the morning and exercise, for positive changes in your health. Remedy: Donate turmeric haldi and chickpea chana dal and feed chapatis to a cow. The transit of Jupiter will take place in the second house , i. The position of Guru here, will bring many favorable results for you.

Your economic front will remain strong in this transit period, and any loaned money can return to you. You will express yourself freely, in front of the family, which will resolve many of your problems. Talk to your kith and kin, to discover what they have in mind as well.

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In short, you will be seen attempting to bring your family together, and your spouse will be happy seeing this, which will help maintain the compatibility in your marital life as well. This Jupiter transit is also bringing possibilities of an auspicious function being commemorated at your home. There will be an increase in the valor of working professionals and businessmen, while your opponents will not be able to stand in front of you during this transit period.

The desire for learning something new will take house in the hearts of many student natives, and you may read some novels by great authors or inspiring books, more than your textbooks during this time. These books will give new heights to your knowledge. The lord Jupiter will be making his transit through the first house , aka the ascendant house of the zodiac sign Sagittarius as per Jupiter transit Since the planet is the lord of your first as well as the fourth house, this transit in your ascendant house will prove to be rather favorable.

Luck will be on your side in each and every aspect of your life. If you have been troubled about your finances, then this transit period will bring you reprievation from the same and you will be successful in accumulating wealth. However, negligence can lead to monetary loss as well. Therefore, be careful in matters related to economic transactions. Coming to your married life, talking with your spouse can act like a medicine and do wonders for your relationship.

You both will grow closer and the romance in your midst will grow as well. On the societal front, you need to keep a tab on your anger or you can end up stuck in some unreasonable dispute. Healthwise, the time will be good and you will find yourself mentally free, allowing your creativity to be on the forefront, therefore performing well on the same. This time period can also bring you success in attaining the goal, for which, you have been toiling since long. On the whole, this Jupiter transit will be good for you on multiple levels.

Remedy: Get the yellow sapphire gemstone carved into a gold ring and wear it on your index finger, on Thursday. The lord of your twelfth as well as third house, Jupiter will be making its transit in your twelfth house. As a result of the same, some natives can go on a trip to a far away destination, whether for personal reasons or due to some work as per Jupiter transit This house is also known as the house of loss, therefore, you need to careful in matters related to money during this transit.

Ensure the trustworthiness of the person before loaning any of your monetary resources. This duration will bring an increase in your interest towards religion and you may even spend some time studying religious scriptures. This time will lead to you maintain distance from materialistic pleasures and amenities and you will prefer to spend time alone. One of your friends may introduce you to a spiritual guru or a person who possesses great knowledge of spirituality.