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I felt terribly disappointed! Ah well! Many moons later I know it is the mantle I wear and bear for this incarnation! So let us jump to present context with Venus, Saturn, Pluto, and the South Node all gathered together in this sign. How much longer before Saturn converges with Pluto? This is truly the deepening of all that this sign signifies.

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On a personal level Capricorn is where we get serious about pragmatic matters and are often driven by the ambition of whatever Saturn implies. We feel old when we are young, and try to stay young when we are old. We take our responsibilities perhaps too seriously in life and sometimes resent the workload we are required to undertake.

Yet Capricorns of all stripes and sizes do follow through with what they consider to be their prime obligations and try their best not to be run by guilt. Yes, it sounds a bit like some Virgos as well!

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President Richard Nixon of Watergate fame is a good case in point. More spiritually evolved Capricorn types feel a deep sense of mission to fulfill their sacred calling and to serve the higher good as public servants who consider the needs of others above their own and trust an inner divine authority as they serve and lead. Martin Luther King comes to mind.

How can this be anti-doted?

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Heart-centered intelligence is needed now more than ever. And that is the true secret of a spiritual Capricorn. We all need to prepare for where we will stand that pivotal year. I have arbitrarily run a chart for March of so you can see the Capricorn line-up in the Sibley version of the second house. Intense times for sure. What is dissolving away? What is being refined? Where is our spiritual truth appearing?

Where are we lost in fantasy? What are the drugs of choice now? What are we addicted to? Where are we feeling lost, confused, and disheartened? What is happening to our water? This is huge!!! Ice is frozen water. Everything is melting. Where are we lost in that we are unwilling to face these truths?

Is humanity at large lost in unconsciousness???? Once again, Neptune in Pisces on a spiritual level means that all life is sacred. What does that mean to you? Does anyone leading us in the world of today understand that? Or is there some nihilist mentality controlling the flow?

Finally, Chiron in Pisces is about to leave. This is good I feel! The wounding of being lost, confused, and disheartened must be put behind us. Chiron in Aries will bring in the warrior spirit again and will work for awhile with Jupiter in Sagittarius. The last time this planetoid was in Aries was between and We have two children born with that signature.

May the fighting spirit of Aries kick in! In this country we have a new wave of highly spirited younger women in congress who are already upsetting the status quo with outspokenness and enthusiasm. They are needed in a heretofore good ole boys club where even the women have fallen in line with patriarchal thinking. Of course the wounding may come from violence furthered.

Reactionary thinking often leads to blind aggression. History is loaded with incendiaries who stir the masses to plunder, and kill without reasoning the consequences. Wars are incited to serve whom? Not the people who fight them as a rule. This is the danger ahead that will be unleashed. And on a personal level , millions of souls will be born with this signature. Keep this in mind as we look at these line-ups. All these charts are also the birth charts of those incarnating at this time.

The Planets Announce New Beginnings in 2020

Only the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars shift the energies into wider patterns from the bundle of energies we are observing. Why am I here NOW? Will humans even survive into ? Which now leads us into Uranus. Taurus rules procreation, the urge to reproduce.

Change my friends — radical change. Structures, barriers, ideas, perceptions, beliefs and everything in between is all susceptible to C. Things will NEED to fall—but even better things will be looking to rise. Death needs to take place so that a new kind of life is reborn. Could one of the radical breakthroughs be more discoveries or realities about UFOs?

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Space exploration has been happening for a while but I bet things are going to be taken to a whole new level as we trek ahead. Millennials have gotten a a bad rep in the past for their sensitive nature—but in all honesty they will be the ones leading our future. Their ideas and vision need to be respected. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is one millennial in particular that comes to mind …. The economy took a great nose dive the last time Jupiter wore his Capricorn clothes.

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Pluto changed signs at that time, something that happens only every 20 years. He moved from optimistic Sagittarius into reality bites Capricorn creating a whole new twist in the reality of that time period. The journey will continue on!

Saturn Pluto Conjunction - Jan 2020 - Major Economic and Governmental Changes

Get in tune with where the Capricorn influence falls in your astrology. For the moment, think about some of your long term goals.

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We are approaching a radical time — one where we have a great potential to break through important barriers. Ultimately, though, some things are going to need to go. No matter what, we are ALL going to be part of the C. Your email address will not be published. We also look at the rulership of Saturn in the houses for If, for example, you have an Aries ascendent defining your first house , then the Ketu-Saturn conjunction transits the 9th house Sag and Rahu transits your 3rd house Gemini. In this case, Saturn's rulership occurs in the 10th Capricorn and 11th Aquarius houses.

If you have a Taurus ascendent, then the Ketu-Saturn conjunction transits the 8th Sag house and Rahu transits your 2nd house Gemini. Saturn's rulership occurs in the 9th Capricorn and 10th Aquarius houses—and so on.