Taurus astrology stubborn

But, again, there are some serious drawbacks lurking in the shadows: inflexibility, obstinacy, and rigidity.

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In love, Tauruses can waste too much time trying to hit the reset button on fizzled romances. Those born under the sign of the bull tend to get fixated on reaching out to the same targets over and over again. Being solid as a rock does have its perks at work; a Taurus person can easily reap rewards by sticking to projects, even when they become frustrating and time-consuming. However, people may roll their eyes at meetings when their Taurus coworker keeps stubbornly bringing up the same idea, week after week.

Give it a rest already! Tauruses may also get shit from their bosses, since they insist on doing projects their particular Taurus way with no regard for how others want it done. Wine and dine them instead.

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It will work wonders. Somehow, Taurus thinks that if they just keep at it, their paramour will have a radical personality change and suddenly start to like them again. Come on: Just go to Buffalo Exchange or another vintage shop a few times. With some tenacity, Venus will smile, and an amazing look will emerge.

Fixed sign

Or discover art event listings—get wasted for free an art opening with your friends. Leave it to a fixed sign to select the same birthday-brunch spot year after year. Still, there are ways you can better understand these complex bulls, so below you can find a rundown on telltale Taurus personality traits.

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You demand a lot from everyone, yourself included. This means your friend group is small and intimate.

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  • Because of your persistent nature, you can set your mind to accomplish whatever you want. That means you can be super friendly and social—when you choose to be.

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    At the same time, these earth signs know the value of a dollar. These earth signs are ambitious, focused, and resilient, and they feel most secure when steadily putting money away into a savings account. Cosmic oxen are all about return on investment the bull is also the symbol of Wall Street , and Taureans know how to play the long game in both professional and romantic pursuits.

    https://tiosubdiasi.tk Security is paramount for Taureans, and any threat to their stability will be sure to have a celestial bull seeing red. Fixed signs are excellent at maintaining systems, and Taureans prioritize consistency and reliability in all areas of their lives.

    It must be noted, however, that Taurus does have a bit of a reputation: What a Taurus perceives as dedication is often regarded by others as stubbornness.